Breast Feeding Conference

Breast milk is a blessing which can guarantee the health and efflorescence of the child from the birth to the end of life. Breast milk is full of nutrients containing protective elements that support the infant's immune system and prevent many diseases. It is a nourishing and unique food for the infant's growth and development. It meets the infant's needs completely during the first six months of her life, and is also an important supplier of her energy and nutrients by the end of the infant's second year of life.
Since reminding and training the benefits of breast milk and how to solve the problems of medical breast-feeding play an important role in the services offered by the hospital and medical staff, as in previous years, the One-day Seminar on the Promotion of Breast-feeding will be held on Feb, 29th, 2016 with the active cooperation of the Neonatal Research Center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.
On behalf of the Neonatal Group of Razavi Hospital as well as the Neonatal Research Center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, it is my pleasure to be your host in this one- day seminar.

Dr. M. Zamanipour
Executive Chairman of the Seminar

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