Neonatal Resuscitation Conference

Birth is one of the most beautiful songs of creation and the secret of human survival lies in a healthy birth. Health of a neonate and its transition stage to infanthood is so important that the infant mortality rate has been considered as one of the important indicators of the countries' development by the international standards.
It should also be noted that more than 90% of the neonates are born calmly passing the transition stage from womb life to the outside world; although the percentage of neonates in need of resuscitation is low, the high rate of child delivery makes the birth of these neonates significant. 
Since neonatal resuscitation is quite different from the resuscitation in older children and adults and requires specific knowledge and skill, as in previous years we planned to hold the One- day Seminar on Neonatal Resuscitation on Feb, 8th, 2016, this time with the active cooperation of Neonatal Research Center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.
On behalf of the Neonatal Group, Neonatal Research Center and Razavi Hospital, it is our pleasure to be your host in this one- day seminar.

Dr. M. Zamanipour
Executive Chairman of the Seminar

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