Dear Colleagues,
As the scientific chair of the conference, I welcome your participation in the one-day scientific conference on the effect of cancer and anticancer therapies on heart. 
This conference will be held with the active collaboration of the cardiologists and radiation oncologists on Nov 19, 2015 at Razavi Hospital, targeted at cardiac involvement in cancers, cardiac monitoring of the patients on chemotherapy, treatment of cardiac complications of anti-cancers, andclinical scenario for cardiac complication during/
after chemotherapy. 
We hope that we could pave the way for achieving the aforementioned objectives through holding such conferences.

Dr. Afsoon Fazlinejad
Scientific Chair of the Conference

Retraining Points

Fields Points
خون و سرطان بالغین* | فوق تخصص 4
جراحی اطفال* | فوق تخصص 4
جراحی قفسه صدری* | فوق تخصص 4
بیماریهای داخلی* | تخصص 4
بیماریهای قلب و عروق* | تخصص 4
جراحی عمومی* | تخصص 4
جراحی مغز و اعصاب* | تخصص 4
پرتو درمانی* | تخصص 4
جراحي عروق | فوق تخصص 4

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