Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Scientific Conference

Cesarean is defined as an operation by which a fetus is taken from the uterus by cutting through the walls of the abdomen and uterus. There has been a progressive increase in cesarean rate, from 4.5% to 31.8%, in the United State from 1970 to 2007. The increase in the average age of mothers, the use of electronic fetal monitoring, the obesity of the mothers, fear of pelvic floor damage after vaginal delivery, the physicians concern about the complications of the vaginal delivery and the mothers’ complaints, etc. are among the reasons of the increase in cesarean rate. 
Some experts have proved that it is possible to significantly decrease cesarean rate without increasing the prenatal complications or morbidity and mortality. The developed programs to reduce the cesarean section rate mainly refer to the physicians training, accurate review and assessment, encouraging mothers to have natural vaginal delivery after their previous cesarean section and limiting the performed cesarean due to dysticia.
Since a high percentage of cesarean in Iran is due to the mother’s previous history of cesarean section, Razavi Hospital intends to hold a conference on February 25th, 2016 in order to discuss and train natural vaginal delivery after the previous cesarean that is codified as one of the country’s health indicators, and also the introduction of the strategies on increasing vaginal labor.
On behalf of obstetrics and gynecology group of Razavi Hospital, it is my pleasure to be your host in this scientific event.

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