About Education and Research

According to the emphasis of Astan Qods custodianship and the decision of the CEO of Razavi Hospital, all the activities performed in the hospital should be research-based and based on the training of all the personnel.
Efforts to develop applied research and expand the frontiers of knowledge, and promote awareness and knowledge of personnel resulted in a support from the CEO of the hospital for educational programs and clinical researches, using the potential capacities of the hospital, physicians and medical and non-medical personnel.
This department has started its activities since 2013 and has some sub-sections including International Affairs and Congresses Unit, Translation Unit, Education Unit, International Journal of Medicine Unit and Research Unit.
The activities of this department are as follows:
Holding different workshops and research and educational courses, seminars, congresses, national and international symposia, needs assessment, establishing educational unit for training patients, personnel and physicians, publishing pamphlet and posters both for the patients and physicians, presenting research projects and collaboration with those interested in participating in these projects and presenting articles, publishing Razavi International Journal of Medicine, giving services such as providing on line consultation for national and international patients, launching education and translation home portal, improving the hospital site, translation of different texts, books and pamphlets from Persian to English and vice versa.

Contact with Education and Research Department of Razavi Hospital
Address: 3rd floor, Phase II, Razavi Hospital, after Qa’em Bridge, Azadi Highway, Mashhad
Tel: 0098-51-36002888
E-mail: research@razavihospital.com