Opening of the Most Advanced Specialized Center for Cancer Treatment in Mashhad

Opening of the Most Advanced Specialized Center for Cancer Treatment in Mashhad
The most advanced specialized center called “Mehr-e Razavi” with the aim of researching, screening, diagnosing and treating cancer diseases was opened in Razavi Hospital.
According to the Pubilc Relations of Razavi Hospital, managing director of the hospital in the opening ceremony of “Mehr-e Razavi Center” pointed out to cancer as one of the main causes of death in recent years, and said about 8 million deaths occurred in 2012 due to this disease, which is expected to increase to about 22 million in the next two decades.
Declaring although the physicians in most medical centers around the world are focused on cancer diagnosis and treatment, the two main issues of prevention of rehabilitation of cancer patients have been neglected, Dr. Saeed Hashemzadeh continued through benchmarking of the developed countries, this center has created a new way of thinking and developed various programs on the scientific aspects as well as public education in this regard.
He added, “regarding the guidelines of the great custodianship of Astan-e Quds Razavi, we hope that this center could help the people particularly cancer patients.”
This center is established to expedite the timely cancer diagnosis and improve the patients’ quality of life; there is no cancer center like this in the country. Across the Middle East there is only one center in Turkey which provides services in this regard; and this center is in fact a branch of one cancer center in USA.
Different public educations under the titles of familiarity with cancer, how to prevent cancer, self- examination ways for personal diagnosis, identifying the symptoms of cancer, etc will be presented in the form of training workshops, training courses, brochures, articles, etc.
Date: 10/3/2015
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