People's False Fear of Heart Surgery Should be Allayed

People's False Fear of Heart Surgery Should be Allayed
A cardiac surgeon, on the sidelines of the 8th Razavi International Cardiovascular Congress, emphasized the people's view on heart surgery should be changed and the false fear of the associated problems be allayed.
"Unfortunately the number of cardiac patients is statistically increasing. Avoid to undergo heart surgery will lead to increase the prevalence of sudden hospitalizations. Cardiac patients have usually had a history of underlying diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc.; therefore, it is generally recommended that people over 50 years should annually perform check- up tests and go to the specialist for early diagnose of the disease and seeking timely and effective treatment.", Dr. Hamid Hadi said.
He added due to some reasons including stress or anxiety and fear of surgery, unfortunately the patients do not timely go to the healthcare centers for treatment; it is necessary for the public to change their attitude towards this matter.
"Since about ten years ago the risk of developing cardiac diseases has been more evident in younger ages so that some of the patients were required to undergo cardiac surgery.", this surgeon declared.
"It should be noted that if the patient does not timely go to the healthcare center for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, some parts of his heart muscle will be destroyed; thus, early diagnosis will inevitably prevent the disease progression.", Dr. Hadi finally mentioned.
Date: 7/30/2016
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