The Conference on Control of Nasocomial Infections and Hand Hygiene Started Working

The Conference on Control of Nasocomial Infections and Hand Hygiene Started Working
The one- day scientific conference on control of nosocomial infections and hand hygiene was held by Razavi Hospital.
According to the Public Relations and Cultural Affairs of Razavi Hospital, this scientific congress was held by Razavi Hospital in collaboration with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, and with the attendance of some national and international scholars, aiming at evaluating the guidelines on reducing the nosocomial infections and improving the scientific and practical levels of hand hygiene in therapeutic environments.
Dr. Reza Saeidi, CEO of Razavi Hospital; Professor Didier Pittet, director of the Infection Control Program, External Lead of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Patient Safety Challenge and head of infection control at Geneva Hospital; Dr. Farahnak Asadi, professor and head of nephrology department at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago; and Dr. Mohammad H. A'lami, Head of infection prevention and control at Imam Reza Hospital and associate professor of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences presented lectures in this conference.
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Presenting the book "Clean Hands Save Lives" by Thierry Crouzet, the author, to some of the participants of the conference, showing some video clips for observation of hand hygiene at medical centers and also presenting the associated trainings by WHO in different parts of the world were among the other programs of this conference.
Meanwhile, another video clip about introducing various parts of Razavi Hospital, infection prevention and control measures taken by the hospital as well as hand hygiene training for both the staff and patients were shown during the conference.
In addition, the proper hand washing technique with alcohol was practically shown by some of the audiences, and some of the related questions were answered too.
The foreign guests of this conference made a visit to Neurology and Neurosurgery as well as NICU wards of Razavi Hospital, and also they were acquainted with some of the prevention and training measures of hand hygiene at the hospital.
Healthcare- associated infections are one of the great challenges in medical centers, that the most effective and low-cost method to reduce them is observation of hand hygiene by the healthcare providers.
According to the researchers, increased length of hospital stay, more antibiotic resistant bacteria, increased medical costs and even high rates of mortality could be recounted as the consequences of nosocomial infections. 
Date: 4/16/2018
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