The Second Scientific Cooperation Between Iran and CSI European Foundation in Mashhad

The Second Scientific Cooperation Between Iran and CSI European Foundation in Mashhad
The executive chairman of the 2nd International CASPIAN Meeting announced that the International CASPIAN and IRAN CTO Meetings will be held consecutively at Razavi Hospital in Mashhad.
According to the Public Relations and Cultural Affairs of Razavi Hospital, the sub-specialist in pediatric congenital heart diseases said the useful feedback we get from the first CASPIAN and IRAN CTO meetings prompted Razavi Hospital authorities and the executive committee of the congresses to hold the aforementioned congresses for the second time in a consecutive four-day time frame.

Major features of these congresses
These congresses will be held in a different way from those of the previous year, Dr. Behzad Alizadeh said, adding that in addition to the scientific lectures, live case presentation of the interventional procedures from various centers will come more into focus.
"This year, not only we develop a joint cooperation with Mashhad University of Medical sciences and Imam Reza Hospital, but we involve collaboration with other hospitals inside the country including Kowsar Hospital in Shiraz as well as Shahid Rajaee Hospital in Tehran.", He recounted.
"Some of the live procedures are performed at the Cath labs of the mentioned hospitals and the videos will be transferred to the main hall at Razavi Hospital; therefore, the audiences could develop verbal communication with the specialists while carrying out the procedures.", the executive chairman of the congress continued.
Pointing out that a close and great relationship is required to be established between Razavi Hospital and other outstanding centers and associations of the world to hold such congresses, he said although such collaborations are evident in our country, they are not totally comprehensive.

Positive feedback and valuable outcome
According to the executive chairman of the International CASPIAN Meeting, although angiography as a non-invasive intervention has been used worldwide for years, it is considered as a relatively new but advanced technique in our country.
"This technique has a lot of advantages for the patient; not only his convalescence is reduced but he can return to his routine activity at home or work the day after angiography.", Dr. Alizadeh continued.
Mentioning that the Iranian specialists have done their best to acquire these skills, he said holding such congresses not only motivates our physicians to achieve progress in this field but acquaints them with new techniques, facilities and equipment.
"The mentioned items are the long-term outcomes of such congresses; however, providing treatment for the patients selected by a team of national and foreign specialists has been regarded as the short-term achievements of theses international congresses.", Dr. Alizadeh reiterated.
Emphasizing on the importance of offering training throughout the congresses, he declared that the last year, useful feedback was received from the Iranian participants of the congress due to the promotion of their scientific levels.
He also noted, " the consecutive holding of such congresses during the recent years has made us globally known and shown the valuable experiences of the Iranian specialists in this field."

"As a result, some of the Iranian specialists were invited to attend several international conferences and offered an opportunity to be involved in various discussions and trainings provided by the foreign scholars.", finally the executive chairman of the International CASPIAN Meeting said.
It is worth mentioning that the CASPIAN and IRAN CTO meetings will be held in collaboration with CSI European Foundation and Euro CTO Club at the beginning of December, 2018 at Razavi Hospital.
Date: 7/7/2018
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