Online Appointment

Please read the general terms and conditions of making appointments.

· Clinic is ready to provide services every day except holidays from 8 am to 1pm and also from 2 to 6 pm.
· It is obvious that turn rating is done only with patient’s personal information (no change and refund).
· Currently, it is not possible to take a turn for foreigners and neonates who do not have ID card.
· For the infants who do not have Melli/ ID card yet, admission is done daily and the person should come to the hospital.
· %25 of the total cost should be paid at the time of online turn rating, and the rest is paid when you show up to visit doctor.
· Being covered by insurance, you should submit your insurance notebook, and if not covered, submitting your ID card is necessary. 
· Please re-check your turn 24 hours before showing up to visit the doctor.
· You will be informed through an SMS in case doctor cannot turn up on time, and you can refer to the hospital cashier and ask for refund.
· If you do not appear at the appointed time, your turn is canceled and no refund is given.
· You have only a 5 day span to show your lab and imaging result, and para-clinical procedures to your doctor; otherwise, you have to take a turn again.
· Turn rating is only for visiting the doctor and it does not include laboratory and ultrasound results and para-clinical measures.
· It is noteworthy to mention that turn rating is not possible from 11:15 pm to 12:15 am.
· You are suggested to use Chrome or Firefox browsers for taking turn.
· If you cancel your turn, the sum of %25 of the total costs is not refunded.

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Online Appointment