Cancer Center

 Cancer center (Mehr-e Razavi)
In this center, we will accompany the patient from the beginning of diagnosis up to complete recovery.
Introducing Razavi Hospital cancer center
Considering the increasing prevalence of cancer and the need to raise awareness and knowledge about the new methods of prevention and treatment of the disease, Razavi hospital decided to set up a cancer center in accordance with international standards. The goal of setting up such center is to increase the level of awareness and information of the society about the disease and support and treat patients after diagnosing the disease (cancer).
Considering the hospital’s high goals, Razavi hospital cancer center decided to step towards the prevention, treatment and controlling the disease at the community level using medical knowledge and an experienced therapeutic team; and it tried to be an international pattern to provide medical services to patients and their families. The center aims to accelerate early detection, complete treatment, improve patient’s quality of life and reduce the cost of treatment along with decision making in the form of team therapy and supporting the patient and his family from the beginning of diagnosis up to complete recovery.

Services provided at the center are as follows:
Group therapy
It is about two years that group therapy is performed in the form of weekly meetings for cancer patients (including patients undergoing treatment and recovered patients) in order to analyze the internal challenges of recovered patients and improve their quality of life. Weekly meetings are managed by a master’s graduate in psychology (Ms. Houshyar) and monthly meetings by a psychiatrist (Dr. Aghiliyan). 
The topics discussed in the meetings are as follows:
1. The nature of cancer
2. Cancer disease from patients’ views
3. Cancer diseases from patients’ family members’ views
4. Different steps of admitting a patient to the hospital
5. Teaching the required skills for starting a new life
6. Tips and techniques for getting anger under control and reducing stress
7. Analyzing patients’ beliefs about themselves and the world around them
8. Evaluating beliefs and controlling negative thoughts
9. Problem-solving strategies
10. Learning how to look without judgment
11. Improving self-esteem 

Patients are in close contact with their family members; and the way they deal with and judge about the disease and the response to emotional reactions of patients have a significant role in the patient’s self-confidence and the positive trend towards treatment. In this regard, families of the patients attend the meetings held monthly to discuss and exchange their ideas with psychologists and specialists.

Group and individual spiritual therapy
With the aim of appreciating human dignity of the patients and improving the challenges of spiritual and dignity aspect of them, it is about four months that group and individual spiritual therapy meetings are held in Mehr-e Razavi center under the supervision of a spiritual therapist (Dr. azadi). So far, a course of group spiritual therapy titled “reforming family structure”, “patient’s relationship with God”, “chemotherapy” and “beauty” has been held in the center.

Art therapy
It is good for the patients who refuse to establish verbal communication. By attending art therapy courses, they could communicate with their counselor in the form of poetry, calligraphy, drawing or even playing. 

Sport therapy
With the aim of improving postoperative motor impairment of the patients, their treatment, regaining physical strength and promoting motor skills, this group course is performed three days a week at the gym under the supervision of a master’s graduate in physical medicine.

Participating in group recreational activities
Creating a cheerful atmosphere for patients through holding celebrations and ceremonies as well as broadcasting films on various occasions such as festivals is among the activities of the center. 

The relationship between patients in cyberspace
By creating a telegram group, patients are trained and informed in this space. In order to attend the related meetings and classes, patients should come to the hospital in person to make a health file. For more information, please call +98-51-36002798 and +98-51-36002794.

In this center, a variety of screening tests will be conducted to diagnose cancer risk factors or for early detection of cancer with the aim of preventing cancer.
• Publishing articles and posters related to rapid prevention and diagnosis of cancer in various newspapers and magazines to raise awareness of community members
• Completing the initial form of admission and performing all primary diagnostic procedures
• Examination and decision-making on a patient by a treatment team including all the relevant specialists
• Performing treatment steps and preventing procedures for the patient by Razavi Cancer Center's carers
• Post-treatment care and psychosocial support for the patient 
• Holding training workshops
• Psychological counseling
• Nutrition advice (Diet Therapy)
• Pain management clinic
• All the group services in this center are provided free of charge.

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